Why We Do What We Do: The Personal Bubble

Posted by Lizzie Hoffman

February 15, 2017

Personal bubble single.png

Designing with space in mind means more than designing for maximizing square footage – designing with space in mind considers the personal space of individuals using the area. In this segment of our Designing for Human Behavior series, we’ll discuss the “personal bubble” each of us has, how that changes when interacting in public spaces, and how to design spaces that provide comfort with the personal bubble in mind.

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Why We Do What We Do: Creating Cozy

Posted by Lizzie Hoffman

February 01, 2017

survival image.png

As humans, we all have a need to feel safe.  We often refer to our safest spaces as our “happy place”. On the surface, your “happy place” might be different from your neighbor's, but at the core, everyone’s “happy place” is merely a space where they feel physically and emotionally safe.

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Why We Do What We Do: Designing for Human Behavior I

Posted by Community @AGATI

January 11, 2017

[This blog is part 1 of a 6 part series based on Joe S. Agati's webinar "Designing for Human Behavior".]

It’s pretty much human nature to consider furniture for its intended purpose.

Will it be used in a lounge? Maybe it will be placed in an area dedicated to individual quiet study?  Should it be modern, traditional, or something else?

This approach is nothing new, and rightfully so—it’s pretty logical!

But let me pose something different. What if you instead thought about your space as being occupied by humans with automated behaviors and work patterns? Or in other words, understanding how the humans in your space will be moving, learning, and interacting, and then selecting furniture designs that optimize those behaviors?

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Making Smart Fabric Choices for Institutional Spaces

Posted by Community @AGATI

November 03, 2016

What makes a good fabric? - Is it durability? Aesthetics? A balance of both? In the furniture world, fabrics can make or break the longevity of a product, making understanding fabric choices a top priority for any designer or planner. Kim Darke from Momentum Group brings her fabric know-how to the table in this AGATI guest blog to help you understand the right fabric choices for your space and how to choose them.

still-life-fabric-photographer-3.jpgPhoto Credit: Federica Carlet

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Library Design for Modern Human Behavior: Register for the AGATI + Tappé Architects Webinar

Posted by Lizzie Hoffman

September 27, 2016

AGATI Tappé Architects Webinar Header

AGATI is at it again - our next Library Journal webinar with our good friends Tappé Architects from Boston, MA is October 25th, 3pm EST. What's it all about?

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Have POD, Will Travel: What We Learned from Student Surveys

Posted by Community @AGATI

May 03, 2016

AGATI POD & Hampton NOOKEvery industry needs its experts and advocates, but sometimes commentary from the user can uncover the most eye-opening discoveries.

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Design with Balance: Register for the AGATI + 720Design Webinar

Posted by Lizzie Hoffman

April 13, 2016


We're excited to announce AGATI Furniture in cooperation with 720Design and Library Journal is presenting a webcast on April 26th at 3pm EST to help you create spaces with balance that all users can enjoy.

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Maker Space, Sch-Maker Space: Why you should believe in your local library, including its maker space.

Posted by Lizzie Hoffman

February 09, 2016

Many contemporary critics hear the term "maker-space" in the context of the library and laugh. Modern maker-spaces and learning centers within libraries are seen as passing fads, doomed to meet an end as quickly as they spring up. The Melrose Center at the Orange County Public Library System proving the critics wrong, with a learning environment that goes beyond the 3D printer and perpetuates the core mission of the public library- To be a valued, free resource center and haven of learning for their patrons.

[Mary Ann Hodel, Library Director and CEO of the Orange County Library System]

AGATI sat down with Mary Ann Hodel [Library Director and CEO of the Orange County Library System], Ormilla Vengersammy [Technology and Education Center & Melrose Center Department Head at OCLS], Milinda Neusaenger [Admin Assistant at OCLS], and Debbie Moss [Assistant Director & Division Head for Technical Support], to discuss how The Melrose Center provides a number of hands on learning tools for their community that will prepare them for upcoming career paths, expose them to new opportunities, and allow them to try something they've never thought possible.

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Choosing Furniture: Quality, Price, and the Bottom Line

Posted by Community @AGATI

January 28, 2016

Why is it that when we buy furniture that seems reasonably priced, we spend more money afterwards repairing, replacing, or renovating? More often than not, inexpensive furniture incurs long term costs, making it the budgetary elephant in the room. AGATI explores TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership, in our blog this week, and we dig deep to find proof that making an investment in furniture for your space is truly more cost effective than the chair you bought on sale.

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Topics: Library Furniture, Design, TCO

Renovation Redo: Redesigning Your Space within a Year

Posted by Lizzie Hoffman

December 10, 2015

As the saying goes, "if at first you don't succeed, try and try again." This adage certainly holds true at North Park University in Chicago, where a recent renovation didn't meet the changing need of the student body, thus requiring a redesign of the space once more. AGATI took a field trip to North Park University recently to interview some of the staff and students who witnessed the change from "Ottoman Empire" to "the Age of Enlightenment."

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